Text 10 Jul 1 note Nothing to change

Why cant we be like the stars in the sky.  Everything stays the same and forms beautiful outcomes no matter what the occurrence.  I would love to live like the stars in the sky.  I would be part of something beautiful and nothing would have to change and ruine what is already there.  No star would be any more special because everyone is the same.  But no one is scared to shine their true glowing colors.  From red to yellow to blue the color glimmers with might and pride out of the flames of the stars.  Why can’t people in the real world be proud of what they are?  Instead we hide within ourselves, fearing what people will think of the actual us.  We should take out the fear of everyone being themselves and all be our own mighty glowing star no matter what color.  We should keep the beauty of the outcome in mind when we decide to make our decisions.  We need to work on our lifestyles to allow us to be ourselves around everyone no matter what or whom they are to you!!!

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