Text 3 Jun XMen and a Flying Submarine

Wow!  Just the first word that comes to my head when I think of the new XMen First Class movie that just came out last night.

This movie came with an outstanding story line all the way to the unbelievable affects.  I was so eye peeled on the movie screen that I almost forgot that I wasn’t actually part of the movie.  

This movies story line is based on the world war 2 era and involves most of the cold war issues with the Soviets.  If you are a marvel junkie, this is a must!  And if you are an action movie watcher, you still should see this.  This movie is intense and will keep you excited to see what happens next.

I think this movie may be one of the best that will be this year, but good competition is coming out soon.  Although this is an amazing movie, I have been jaw-dropped by the transformers series.  I hope to be astonished by it again soon.  This movie will be close competition for number one in my book. 

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