Text 7 Aug 1 note Is there an advantage?

Sometimes i wonder why I decide to be the nice guy in a scenario… I have dont it many times and some reason I haven’t learned that there is no advantage in this world to the person who does the right thing.  I’m about to do what everyone else does and fuck everyone else over till I get what I wan’t.  Maybe some people will learn how much it sucks to be the person to be screwed over.  I could ramble on more in sadness and anger right now but I am trying to get it off my mind so I’m going to stop here.  Just a forewarning, if I have snapped at you lately or do in the close future, I am sorry.  

Life is hell,

Jonathon Ostheimer

Text 30 Jul 1 note WHO??

I was told recently that my beliefs religiously are ridiculous….  I don’t know who this person was to be saying so because they don’t know the things that happen that I see that they don’t see.  If their was someone else, a “God”, wouldn’t you think he would stop with the pain and the hurt that is put upon us.  He is the “almighty and powerful” yet he can’t do anything about the poor, the starving, the dying.  I have been through many scenarios where it seems like everything is just down hill.  Explain why I would praise a kind of person who would make someones life hell just because that person doesn’t praise him.  If you ask me that isn’t even a worthy person of my praise.  I have seen many people i know and some people i don’t know very well die at young ages.  Is a murderer of people i care about worth loving himself?  I don’t see how he would be.  So don’t go out and tell me my belief is wrong.  Believe whatever the hell you wan’t just don’t say anything about what I believe.

"Practice what you preach" American Proverb quote

Text 10 Jul 2 notes Why be someone else?

Truth is if you are going to be someone, be yourself.  Stop acting like someone else that you and I know you are not just to get the attention of someone.  If you can’t be yourself then what can you be?  Like they say if you stand for nothing then you’ll fall for anything.  Stop falling into your own little act of life and become a strong standing self confident person.  Sack up!!  No matter what kind of person you are, there is someone else just like you out there.  Also there are so many people who would probably actually appreciate the real you more.  I enjoy to know the real person I am talking to and not someone you think I would enjoy talking to.  ”If I am not good enough to know the real you, then you aren’t good enough to know me at all.” (quote by me bitchez)

Text 10 Jul 1 note Nothing to change

Why cant we be like the stars in the sky.  Everything stays the same and forms beautiful outcomes no matter what the occurrence.  I would love to live like the stars in the sky.  I would be part of something beautiful and nothing would have to change and ruine what is already there.  No star would be any more special because everyone is the same.  But no one is scared to shine their true glowing colors.  From red to yellow to blue the color glimmers with might and pride out of the flames of the stars.  Why can’t people in the real world be proud of what they are?  Instead we hide within ourselves, fearing what people will think of the actual us.  We should take out the fear of everyone being themselves and all be our own mighty glowing star no matter what color.  We should keep the beauty of the outcome in mind when we decide to make our decisions.  We need to work on our lifestyles to allow us to be ourselves around everyone no matter what or whom they are to you!!!

Quote 27 Jun
Is it leadership or ownership?
— Jonathon Ostheimer
Quote 22 Jun 1 note
Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.
Text 3 Jun XMen and a Flying Submarine

Wow!  Just the first word that comes to my head when I think of the new XMen First Class movie that just came out last night.

This movie came with an outstanding story line all the way to the unbelievable affects.  I was so eye peeled on the movie screen that I almost forgot that I wasn’t actually part of the movie.  

This movies story line is based on the world war 2 era and involves most of the cold war issues with the Soviets.  If you are a marvel junkie, this is a must!  And if you are an action movie watcher, you still should see this.  This movie is intense and will keep you excited to see what happens next.

I think this movie may be one of the best that will be this year, but good competition is coming out soon.  Although this is an amazing movie, I have been jaw-dropped by the transformers series.  I hope to be astonished by it again soon.  This movie will be close competition for number one in my book. 

Text 2 Jun 1 note And I Join In!

A world moving forward while i stand watching it fly by.  Not anymore, this kid here is now stepping up to everyone else.  EXCEPT TWITTER!!  I, today, am joining the many and uncountable many who blog.  No promises that any will hear much from me, but I am letting the world know I am here.  

So today (yesterday) I have received my long awaited for macbook pro.  I have joined in on the new era of blogging and am up to date on tech.  So now get on my level!  

All I basically want to say is, hello world.  Hope I have a cozy time in your presence.

The new but rememberable,


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